Chess Boards and Tables

Antique chess boards and tables can be works of art in their own right. When displaying an antique set, it is helpful to select an antique board/table that complements the set and brings out the artistic characteristics of both.

Click on any of the photos below for more detailed information on each board.

  Indian Ivory Samuel Pepys set and board Pen and Ink Chess Board H. Andrews board Jaques chessboard  
  British Chess Company board Inlaid ivory table Contemporary Holly and Teak board Contemporary Leather Board Antique Chinese Lacquer Chessboard  
  Jaques leather chess board box Victorian chess board British Chess Company board Antique Inlaid Board British Chess Company board  
  Cartonpierre folding chessboard Autographed Board Austro-Hungarian Brass Chess Table Victorian Folding Game Board Antique 1880s Chess Board  
  Chinese Chess & Backgammon Board German 18th Century Chess Box Killarney Chess Board Killarney Antique Chess Board Antique Georgian Inlaid Chess Table  
  Leuchars Chess Board Antique Austrian Chess Board Jaques Large Board Early 19th Century English Board Spanish Keats Board  
  Leuchars Carton Pierre Board Jaques Board Early English Oak Board Early European Chess & Backgammon Board Early European Detailed Motif Board  
  Chess and Backgammon Board by John Mechi Tilt-Top 19th Century Chess Table Anglo-Indian Ivory and Wood Chessboard Antique Ivory Chess Board British Commissioned Antique Indian Chess Board  
  Jaques 45th Set and Board Islamic Set and Board Marble Board Boxwood and Satin Roll-up Chess Board Leuchars CartonPierre Board  
  Large English Antique Chess Board Killarney Arbutus Chess and Backgammon Boadr Jaques 50th Set - Leuchars Board Leuchars Green-and-White Chessboard Autographed Chess Board - 16 Grandmasters  
  Jaques Antique Chessboard Chinese Export Chess & Backgammon Board/Box Danish Penwork Decorated Chessboard Jaques Antique Board with Insurance Placard Killarney Board  
  Jaques 55th Set African Leather Board Austrian Biedermeier Set and Board Calvert Set with Stamped Box and D. Calvert Flier European Game Box  
  German 18th-century Ebony & Ivory Chess Box-Board 19th-Century Ebony and Ivory Inlaid Box-Board 18th-Century Kashmir or Northern Indian Chessboard Indian Sedeli-work Ivory Inlaid Chessboard Fisher-stamped board with St. George set  
  Jaques Leather Book/Board-Box Scottish Inlaid Chessboard Lebanese Inlaid Chessboard Scottish Gothic Revival Chessboard English Walnut, Rosewood, and Satin-birch Inlaid Chessboard  
  19th Century Chinese Lacquerware Board Antique Killarney Chessboard Miles & Edwards Chess Table Leuchars Chessboard Papier-mâché chess table  
  French Chess Table Mother-of-Pearl Chessboard Miniature Vizagapatham Chess Set, Table and Box Wooden Slide-Top Chessboard 18th-century Coromandel and Maple Board  
  Rosewood and Tortoiseshell Chess Table Victorian Black Lacquer Papier Maché Chess Table English Regency Chess Table Victorian Wood Chess Table Indian Wood and Bronze Inlaid Board  
  19th Century Lecture Podium / Chess Table George Bullock Chess Table - 1817 Dobbs & Co. Chess Board/Table Rare Civil War Chessboard by J. Fautley, circa 1862 Jennens & Bettridge papier mache chess table  
  Italian Games Board, 1863 Minton Ceramic Board, 19th century Arts & Crafts 19th Century Chessboard Russian Inuit Chessboard Vizagapatam Miniature Chess Table  
  Chess & Backgammon Board-Box from the Embriachi Workshop, 15th century Antique Handpainted Chessboard Victorian Walnut Chess Table 18th Century German Walnut and Fruitwood Chess & Backgammon Board-Box Vizagapatam Rosewood and Ivory Board  
  Vizagapatam Ivory and Horn Board Indian Ivory and Sandalwood Board-Box British Chess Company Large Stamped Board, circa 1900 Regency Penwork Boxwood Board, circa 1820 Book-Chessboard Manufactured at 46 Cornhill, London  
  Chessboard manufactured by Thomas Parker, London, circa 1825 French Ivory and Ebony Board-Box, 19th Century Marble and Foil Chessboard, late 19th Century Coat of Arms Wooden Chessboard, late 19th or early 20th Century Jaques 'Vade Mecum' Chessboard  
  BCC Folding Wooden Board Vizagapatam Miniature Ivory Chess Set and Table Replica 18th Century "Good vs Evil" Chessboard Regency Chessboard, circa 1810 Regency Chessboard, circa 1810  
  German 18th Century Chess and Backgammon Board Fattorini & Sons Leather Chsessboard, Late 19th or Early 20th Century French Ivory and Mother-of-Pearl Chessboard Victorian Papier-mâché Chessboard Inlaid with Mother-of-Pearl Squares F H Ayres Leather Chess Board-Box, 1915  
  Marble Specimen Table Chess and Backgammon Board-Box, 17th Century Antique Friesland Chess Table, 1860-1880 South European Bone and Ivory Inlaid Games Box, 16th/17th Century Anglo-Indian Ivory and Sadeli-ware Games Box, mid-19th Century  
  Indian Brass-Inlaid Hardwood Chess Table, 19th Century 17th Century Chess Board-Box Antique Spanish Gaming Table, circa 1860 Victorian Papier-Mâché Chess Table, Mid-19th-Century Intricate Inlaid Wooden Chessboard, early 20th century  
  Penwork Gothic Chess Table, late 18th or early 19th century Indian Ivory and Ebony Chessboard, 19th Century H.W. Hawks' Chessboard      
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