Rare Civil War Chessboard by J. Fautley, circa 1862

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An extremely rare chessboard by a previously unknown (to me) London manufacturer.

The Game of the Disunited States, Or Campaign in America. Surrounding the playing field are graphic battle scenes. At the top is a banner with the title.
The ribbon at the bottom reads: The Confederate States. Below the illustration at the bottom is the manufacturer's information: "London, J. Fautley, 15, Wine Office Court, Fleet St. E.C."

The game board is undated but the Confederate flags at the bottom corners feature the 7-star "Stars and Bars" design which was flown for only 3 months in 1861 (March 4 thru May 21, 1861) so this game dates from relatively early in the war.

Per the London Directories, J. Fautley was located at 5 Wine Office Court in 1862, and had moved to 15 Wine Office Court by 1865. He remained there until the early 1870's when he moved to 5 Goldsmiths' row, and later (circa 1880) to 1 McLean's buildings, New street. He disappears from the Directories circa 1884.