Asian Chess Sets

China was one of the main manufacturing locations for chess sets in the 1800's.  Other Asian countries, such as Japan, also contributed much to chess set commerce.

Click on any of the photos below for more detailed information on each set.

Japanese ivory set
"Burmese" ivory set
Macao ivory set
Cantonese Ivory Puzzleball Set
Balinese set
  Green and White Burmese Ivory Set
African ivory set
Laos bone set
Burmese ivory set
Cantonese King George Ivory Set
Chinese ivory set
Antique oriental ivory set
Chinese puzzleball set
Antique Victorian Ivory Puzzleball Set
Antique Chinese Ivory Set
  Moro Large Chess Set Moro Bone Chess Set Cambodian Ivory Set Burmese Ivory Set Burmese Wooden Figural Set  
  Antique Chinese Wooden Set Cantonese Small Ivory Set "Burmese" Ivory Set Cambodian Ivory Chess Set Cantonese King George Set  
  Carved Scrimshaw Chess Set Japanese Small Ivory Set Chinese Boxwood and Ebony Figural Chess Set Chinese Ivory Disc Chess Set Chinese Ivory Filigree Disc Set  
  Chinese Ivory Set Antique Chinese Ivory Set Macao Set Chinese Wooden Chess Set Cambodian Ivory and Wood Set, 19th Century  
  Javanese Ivory Chess Set Rare Burmese 18th Century Ivory Chess Set Antique Chinese Bronze Set Antique Asian Wooden Set Rama Deity Chess Set, late 19th or early 20th century  
  Chinese Green and White Ivory Set in English Motif, 19th Century Burmese Ivory Figural Set, 19th Century Chinese Ivory and Horn Macao-type Set, 19th Century Cantonese "King George" set in Lacquered Cabinet, 19th Century Macao High-Quality Ivory Chess Set, mid 19th Century  
  Javanese Softwood Figural Chess Set, early 20th century Burmese Lacquered Wooden Chess Set, Possibly Late 18th Century Chinese Export Ivory Disc Set, 4Q 19th century Macao Red and White Ivory Set Chinese Brown and White Ivory Chess Set, mid 20th century  
  Southeast Asian Metal Chess Set, late 19th century Burmese Figural Bone Set, circa 1900        
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