Jon's Favorite Chess Sets

The designation of 'favorite' is a personal preference rather than any objective measurement.  Some chess sets in the collection, shown below, have become my own personal favorites.  It was not an easy task to select the top two dozen favorite sets!

Please note that each of these sets is shown elsewhere on this site, under its appropriate category.

Click on any of the photos below for more detailed information on each set.

John Company Set
German Charlemagne Wooden Figural Set
Jaques 2nd oldest Staunton set
Dieppe Green and White Figural Ivory Set, late 18th century or early 19th century
Calvert 1790 wooden set
  Javanese Ivory Chess Set Ivory Bird Set John Company Set circa 1830 Kashmir Ivory Set Turkish Style Carved Ivory Chess Set  
  Hastilow Chess Set French Ivory Henry VIII - Francois I Chess Set Jaques 55th Set Edel Style Ivory Set, 2Q 19th Century Cantonese King George Set  
  Samuel Pepys set and board Dieppe Green and White Figural Ivory Set, late 18th century or early 19th century Berhampore Ivory Chess Set Dholpur Jade and Silver Chess Set French Ivory Figural "Battle of Waterloo" Napoleon vs King George III Chess Set, 19th Century  
  Royal Court Figural Ivory Set Rajasthan Royal Family Chess Set of Bone, Silver, and Pearls, 1873 Indian Central Provinces Set, 18th Century East India ("John") Company Mid 19th Century Ivory Set Italian Ivory Bust Set on Metal Pedestals, early 20th century  
  East India ("John") Company Ivory Composite Chess Set James Tod Chess Set French 19th Century Ivory Chess Set on the theme "Field of the Cloth of Gold" East India Company ("John Company") Ivory Set, mid 19th Century French Ivory Bust Set, Napoleon vs Allies, 19th Century  
  Islamic Brass Set & Box, 19th century        
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