Jaques Staunton - 2nd oldest (according to the numbered label)

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I was very fortunate to acquire this Jaques club-sized (4.4" King) Staunton set from 1849. Howard Staunton hand-signed and hand-numbered the first 300 or so chess set boxes, and this set is "#9". Sir Alan Fersht owns set #8, and as far as I am aware there are no other earlier numbered sets still in existence, so this set has its claim to fame as the 2nd oldest Staunton set in the world (counting by Staunton's hand-numbering.) The set has been restored twice, the second time by the master restorer, Alan Dewey.

Please note that one chess collector disputes the label's numbering, although without having closely examined the set's provenance or other evidence of its dating.

The board in the photo is contemporary.

Click here for my Picasa album with photos of this set