Other Chess Sets

Other types of sets in the collection, from various countries.

Click on any of the photos below for more detailed information on each set.

  Walrus ivory chess pieces Amber Chess Set with Marble Board Mexican Bone Set Israeli Silver Filigree Set Egyptian Ivory "Pharoah" Theme Set  
  Inuit Walrus Ivory Set Ivory Bird Set Inuit Walrus Ivory Chess Set, circa 1960 Antique Tagua Nut Chess Set Vegetable Ivory Chess Set  
  Ecuadorian Tagua Nut Animalier Set Bone Chess Set owned by Captain Conkey, U.S. Civil War, 1865 Inuit Whalebone Set Mother-of-Pearl Chess Set and Board, 19th Century Animalier Ivory Chess Set, early to mid 20th century  
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