French Chess Sets

French antique chess sets cover a wide range of time and style. Régence sets and Directoire sets are fairly common, but still quite charming.

Many thanks to the members of the eBay Chess Collectors Group for their insightful comments on the dating of my Régence sets.

Click on any of the photos below for more detailed information on each set.

  French 19th Century Ivory Chess Set on the theme "Field of the Cloth of Gold" French Ivory Henry VIII - Francois I Chess Set Dieppe 18th Century Ivory Chess Set Large French Regence Set Ivory French Regence  
Antique French Directoire Set
Dieppe Ivory Bust Set
19th Century French Regency Set
Dieppe Bone Pin Pieces
Antique French Regence set
  Au Nain Bleu Antique Ivory French Regence Set French Regence Ivory Set French Faïence Pottery Chess Set and Board Dieppe ivory pin pieces French Turned Horn 'Regence' Pattern Chess Set  
  Antique French Directoire Set Alsatian Ivory Chess Set, 19th Century Dieppe Bone and Coquilla Nut Chess Set , circa 1810 Signed French Regence Set Lyon Bone Chess Set  
  Dieppe Green and White Figural Ivory Set, late 18th century or early 19th century French Régence Travel Set French "Wars of Religion" Set, late 19th century Dieppe Europeans-vs-Africans Ivory Chess Set, late 18th or early 19th Century Dieppe Europeans-vs-Moors Ivory Set, 19th Century  
  French Carved Wooden Set , 18th Century Dieppe Bone Set, late 18th Century Dieppe Green and White Ivory Set, early 19th Century French Polychrome Figural Ivory Set in Napoleonic Theme, 19th Century French Ivory Bust Set, Napoleon vs Allies, 19th Century  
  Antique Metal Chess Set - 1852 - Patterned after a German 12th Century Set French Régence Figural Ivory Chess Set French Bust Ivory Fou Set French Encyclopedie Diderot Style Set, 18th Century French Dieppe Ivory Chess Set, 19th Century  
  French Ivory Figural "Battle of Waterloo" Napoleon vs King George III Chess Set, 19th Century Dieppe Ivory Blue and White Set, Early 19th Century French Chess Liqueur Box      
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