Other Staunton Chess Sets

The Staunton design was first manufactured in 1849 by John Jaques of London.  Staunton sets by Jaques, BCC, and other identifable manufacturers are shown elsewhere on the website. Click on a picture for more details about a Staunton set in the collection.

Click on any of the photos below for more detailed information on each set.

    Ivory Staunton Sets    
Large Antique Ivory Staunton Chess Set
Ivory Fitted Box Set
European Ivory Playing Set
Fitted box antique ivory set
Antique ivory Staunton set
  Chinese Export Staunton Set Cantonese Ivory Staunton Set Cantonese Mammoth Ivory Staunton Chess Set Cantonese Ivory Staunton Set Cantonese Unusual Staunton Ivory Chess Set  
    Bone Staunton Sets    
Antique bone Staunton set
Antique bone Staunton set
    Wooden Staunton Sets    
Havana Ensemble from Chess Olympiad - 1966
British Chess Company set
F. H. Ayres set
Unusual Staunton Chess Set
Wooden Club-sized Staunton Chess Set
Miniature Staunton Set, circa 1900
Bird's Staunton Pattern Chessmen, Late 19th Century
    Miscellaneous Staunton Items    
Staunton Handwritten Letter - 1867
Howard Staunton Handwritten Letter
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