Chess Miscellanea

Interesting but hard-to-categorize chess items.

Click on any of the photos below for more detailed information on each item.

  Victorian 4-Player Chess Set Commemorative Trophy Rook English-American Commemorative Trophy Willis Street Club Chess Trophy, 1896 Wooden Chess Box  
  Errico - Surrealist Chess Art Errico - Surrealist Chess Art - The Game of Freedom Studio Lejeune - Chess:Surrounded Studio Lejeune - "Bad Bishop" Omega Chess Watch, circa 1930  
  Swiss Chess Watch by Charles-Félicien Tissot, circa 1920 Ivory Pachisi Pieces with Textile Board, 18th/19th Century Ivory Pachisi Set, 19th Century Ivory Chess Trophy Fattorini Medal  
  Official Medallion of the 1986 Kasparov-Karpov World Championship Transatlantic Cable Match Trophy, 1897 Miniature Chess Set within a Walnut Case Autographs from the Cambridge Springs 1904 Tournament, including Showalter, Pillsbury, and Teichmann George Cruikshank Chess Painting  
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