Calvert Chess Sets

John Calvert was one of the top chess set makers in England from 1791 until his death in 1822, after which his widow Dorothy took over the Calvert business until her death in 1840.

Many of the Calvert sets in the collection have the "Calvert 189 Fleet Stt" stamp. Some are unstamped but clearly attributable to Calvert. Other sets are of the design known as Calvert, but cannot be directly attributed to his workshop.

Click on any of the photos below for more detailed information on each set.

  Calvert 1790 wooden set Calvert Pattern Ivory Decorative Chess Set Calvert Set with Stamped Box and D. Calvert Flier 19th-Century Calvert Pattern Ivory Chess Set  
  Antique Calvert Ivory Set Calvert Stamped Ivory Set Calvert Boxwood and Rosewood Chess Set Antique Calvert Wooden Set Calvert Stamped Wooden Set  
  Calvert Stamped Wooden Set Calvert Ivory Stamped Set Calvert Style Ivory Set Calvert Small Ivory Chess Set Calvert Unstamped Wooden Set  
  Calvert and Washington Style Ivory Set John Calvert Trade Paper - circa 1817 D. Calvert Pattern Ivory Set Calvert Stamped Ivory Set Calvert Style Wooden Set  
  Calvert Small Stamped Ivory Chess Set "Washington" Pattern Ivory Set with Calvert-stamped Rooks Calvert Fancy Ivory Set, circa 1820 Calvert Wooden Chess Set, circa 1820 Early Calvert Wooden Set, late 18th or early 19th century  
  Calvert Wooden Compendium, Late 18th Century Calvert Wooden Club-size Set, circa 1815        
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