Travel Chess Sets

Almost all of the travel sets are from England.  Most of the sets have fancy locking mechanisms to hold the pieces in place during the bumpy carriage rides or train rides.

Click on any of the photos below for more detailed information on each set.

Jaques In Statu Quo travel set
Haydn Phillips travel set
Edwardian travel set
Large Jaques Travel Set
Antique Whittington travel set
Miniature Indian travel set
Chinese Ivory Traveling Set
French Bone Travel Set
Antique Pocket Travel Chess Set
English Ivory Travel Set
Jaques Backgammon-Chess-Draughts (BCD) Set and Board
De La Rue Antique Pocket Chess Set
J. C. Vickery Travel Set
Roget's The Economic Chessboard travel set by Longman et. al.
Catlin Travel Set
  Jaques Large-Size In Statu Quo Travel Chessboard with Move Indicator William Lund Stamped Travel Set John Phillips (Glasgow) Travel Set French Régence Travel Set De La Rue Pocket Set  
  Jaques Staunton shipping chess set Calvert Style Ivory Travel Set L S Schmitthenner Ship Set, late 19th century      
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