Antiquarian Chess Books and Publications

There are some interesting chess books in the collection.  I have been fortunate to be able to acquire some important antiquarian chess books, including the extremely rare Gallensis (1496), the extremely rare Damiano 4th edition (undated but published shortly after 1524), the very rare first-edition Ruy López (1561), Horatio Gianutio (1597), the first Ruy López Italian edition (1584), Ercole del Rio (1750), de Cessolis (1534), Ringhieri (1551), Salvio (1604), two copies of Selenus (1616), Greco (1656), Severino (1690) and others.  The collection also has all-time classic books such as the first edition of Philidor's L'Analyze des E'checs (1749), the rare Essays on Chess by Trevangadacharya Shastree (1814, Bombay), and an original copy of Ben Franklin's famous essay The Morals Of Chess (1786).

I will put detailed photos of these books on the web as time permits.  Meanwhile, click on the appropriate icon below for detailed photos for The Royall Game of Chesse-Play, a first-edition book from 1656 by Greco, the famous Italian.

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