Antique Chess Timers

Prior to the 1860's, chess games were not timed.  As a result, a single game could take 8, 10, or even 12 hours, or longer.  Chess timers solved this problem:   running out of time means losing the game.  Timers were first commercially available in approximately 1880.

Click on any of the photos below for more detailed information on each timer.

  Jaques Congress Timer from 1927 Alekhine-Capablanca World Championship Match Jaques chess timer Jaques Congress Timer Jaques or Federation chess timer Tanner chess timer  
  Tanner chess timer Fattorini chess timer Soviet chess timer Soviet chess timer Russian Jantar Chess Timer  
  Sutton Coldfield Chess Timer H. Koopman chess timer British Chess Company chess timer Russian Jantar Wooden Chess Timer Jaques 20th Century Timer  
  Dutch Chess Timer - 1912 Fattorini & Sons Chess Timer, circa 1895        
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