Medieval Chess Pieces

These pieces are from medieval times - 800 A.D. to 1200 A.D. for most of these items.

Click on any of the photos below for more detailed information on each item.

  Medieval Islamic chess piece Islamic alabaster chess piece Islamic bone pieces Persian terracotta chess piece Ancient Persian square ivory pieces  
  Bronze medieval chess piece Medieval ivory chess piece Medieval ivory gaming piece Ancient Mediterranean chess piece Ancient Persian chess pieces  
  Ancient Persian medieval chess piece Medieval ivory gaming piece Seventeenth century pawn Ancient Persian Bronze gaming pieces Medieval Persian Bronze Chess Piece  
  Persian Bronze Chess Piece Medieval Saxon/Viking Gaming Piece Medieval Saxon/Viking Lead Gaming Piece Islamic Ivory Chess Piece Islamic Bone Chess Piece  
  Viking Bell-shaped Gaming Piece Viking Gaming Piece Viking Pyramid-shaped Gaming Piece Medieval Mediterranean Ivory Chess Piece Medieval Ivory Chess Pieces  
  Persian Grey Steatite Gaming Piece Medieval Ivory Open-Work Gaming Pieces Early Indian Chess Piece Viking Hollow Gaming Piece Viking Hnefatafl King  
  Early Persian Terracotta Chess Piece Early Persian Bone Chess Piece Early Persian Alabaster Chess Piece Medieval Steatite Gaming Pieces Medieval Ivory Chess Piece  
  Medieval Black Steatite Gaming Pieces Medieval Mediterranean Steatite Gaming Pieces Hnefetafl Gaming Pieces Medieval Mediterranean Gaming Piece Mediterranean Black Steatite Gaming Pieces  
  Hnefetafl Viking Pieces Medieval Tall Ivory Gaming Piece Medieval Ivory Round Chess Piece Early Islamic Bone Gaming Piece Viking Hnefetafl Piece  
  Medieval Ivory Mediterranean Gaming Piece Medieval Decorated Ivory Gaming Piece Viking Hnefetafl Pieces Medieval Ivory Dome Gaming Piece Mughal Gilt Ivory Gaming Pieces  
  Mughal Gilt Ivory Gaming Pieces Bronze Open-Work Gaming Piece 18th Century Silver Islamic Gaming Pieces 18th Century Enamel Islamic Gaming Pieces Kashan Ceramic Chess or Gaming Pieces  
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