German and Austrian Chess Sets

Chess sets from Germany and Austria range from simple ivory sets and Selenus bone sets from the 1700's to exceptionally well carved wooden sets of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Click on any of the photos below for more detailed information on each set.

  German 19th-Century Wooden Military Set Zimmerman Matching Set and Table German Ivory Set Zimmerman cast iron set German Figurine Porcelain Set  
  German Cast Iron Chess Set German Selenus Set Austrian Coffeehouse Wooden Set, circa 1900-1925 Selenus Ivory Chess Set German Wooden Bust Set  
  Austrian Biedermeier Chess Set German Cast Iron Franco-Prussian War Set German "Toy" Style Set Selenus-type Chess Set German Playing Set  
  Austrian Modern Carved Wooden Set German Silvered and Gilt Bronze Figural Chess Set German Barleycorn Set Antique German Bone Set Antique Austrian Wooden Set  
  Austrian Biedermeier Set and Board South German Wooden Bust Set German Silver Set German 18th century Geislingen Bone Bust Set German Ivory Bust Set  
  German Wooden Figural Chess Set German Wooden Carved Figural Set Antique Austrian Wooden Set Geislingen Ivory Chess Set, late 18th century or early 19th century German "Toy" set, late 19th century  
  German "Toy" Style Set Japanese Ivory Figural Set German Selenus Chess Set German or Dutch Ivory Set, late-18th or early-19th Century German Wooden Double-Headed Knight Set, 19th Century  
  German Edel-Style Wooden Set, 19th Century Selenus Bone and Horn Set, 19th Century German Ivory Chess Set, Board-Box, and Ivory Counters, 19th Century German Polychrome Figural Ivory Set, Late 18th Century German Polychrome Ivory Figural Set, 4Q 19th Century  
  Edel Style Ivory Set, 2Q 19th Century German Mythological Ivory Set, early 20th century German Red and White Figural Ivory Set, Mid-19th Century German Wooden Chess Set, 18th Century Austrian Coffeehouse Set and Board, 19th century  
  Bergman Cold-Painted Bronze Dog Set Bergman Cold-Painted Bronze Pig Set        
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