H.W. Hawks' Notebook with over 100 Autographs of Top Historical Chessplayers

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I was very fortunate to come across this notebook which is of great historical importance within the chess world.

H.W Hawks was a chess enthusiast, having been educated in his early school days in Russia. He became chess editor for the Newcastle Weekly Examiner 1884, the Newcastle Weekly Courant 1894-1901, and the Newcastle Evening Chronicle 1930-1941.

Within the time period 1880 to 1940, Hawks went to many major chess events, and mingled with the top players. He asked many of them to autograph his notebook -- a hodgepodge of signatures, newspaper clippings, photographs, and handwritten notes. The notebook contains autographs of 122 top chessplayers, including almost all of the best players of those generations. Some of the autographs are extremely rare, e.g. Sultan Khan, Rubinstein, Tchigorin (his autograph in this notebook is the only known example of Tchigorin's English signature complete with first name), and others.

Included in the list are the autographs of world champions Steinitz, Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine, Euwe, and Botvinnik (the first six official chess world champions).

Note that in the photo above, there are many pages with multiple autographs, so not every photo corresponds to the top player's name listed underneath.

Here is a list of some of the 122 autographs found in H.W. Hawks' notebook (autographs presented as signed):

A. Alekhine
Mary Bain
H.E. Bird
J.H. Blackburne
E. Bogoljubow
Mikhail Botvinnik
Amos Burn
J.R. Capablanca
Rudolph Charousek
Edgar Colle
Arthur Dake
M. Duchamp
Max Euwe
Reuben Fine
Sala Flohr
Sonja Graf
Ernst Grunfeld
I. Gunsberg
D. Janowski
I. Kashdan
Sultan Khan
Emmanuel Lasker
A. Lilienthal
G.H. Mackenzie
Gena Maroczy
Frank Marshall
Vera Menchik
V. Petrov
H.N. Pillsbury
Samuel Reshevsky
Richard Reti
A. Rubinstein
Karl Schlechter
Jackson Showalter
Rudolf Spielmann
W. Steinitz
S Tarrasch
S. Tartakower
Michel Tchigorin
Richard Teichmann
Simon Winawer